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Lower Elementary

The Lower Elementary grades (Preschool - 1st grade ) uses developmentally appropriate curriculum and incorporates hands-on activities and field trip experiences. A BEKA materials are the primary resources used to provide students with a strong phonics and math facts background. The Harcourt StoryTown Reading series is used to begin developing critical thinking skills. All classes are self-contained classrooms.


Upper Elementary

The Upper Elementary (2nd - 5th grade) students transition from self-contained classrooms in 2nd grade to departmentalization. The 3rd - 5th grade students change classrooms for core subjects. All students attend ancillary classes daily and are assigned lockers. Their curriculum has a strong academic focus using both the A BEKA curriculum and the StoryTown reading series. Hands-on activities and field trips are incorporated to enhance student learning.



All students in K-5 are tested each spring using the Stanford Achievement Test 10 which compares our students with students on a national basis.  CPS students consistently score 1-3 grades levels above their national median grade level.