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Spiritual Life

Students were treated to a special guest speaker for January’s devotion on January 24th, 2019. Each month, the sixth through twelfth-grade students participate in a devotion that is typically led by pastors from around the community, and sometimes students. This month’s devotion was led by Brian Duncan, an ex-NFL player for the Buffalo Bills, who also played for the Canadian Football League and Arena Football League. Duncan was also a linebacker for the Texas Tech Raiders, where he double majored in business marketing and business management on a 5-year colligate scholarship. Throughout his high school and collegiate years, Duncan remained an exemplary student and athlete who was dedicated to community service and involvement.

 Today, as a successful businessman, husband, and father of four children, Duncan uses his experiences to speak to students and groups around the region. During his devotional, he spoke to the students about standing up for their faith and other people. “In today’s world that can be a really tough thing to do”, stated Duncan. He taught that the students should look for ways to serve others. “If someone can’t walk, we should walk for them, and walk proud. If someone can’t speak, we should speak for them.” He also spoke about his own experiences as a student and athlete involved in many different sports and activities. In high school, Duncan was a football MVP but also participated in basketball, wrestling, track & field, ROTC, band, and choir. He told the students to not limit themselves and to not let anyone tell them that they cannot achieve everything that they hope to accomplish.

 The students were pulled onto the floor to interact with each other and Duncan in activities that demonstrated who they are as a community. There is no doubt that everyone enjoyed being motivated and inspired by Duncan. Many of the students gave feedback that this was the best devotional yet.